Pricing for the Scheduler
The typical cost for an individual scheduler is $300 per year, although the cost can range from $50 to $300.

Here's how it works:
There is an annual base fee of $50 that is charged for every scheduler. After that, charges will accrue as your number of assigned lessons accrue. The first 100 assigned lessons are included in the base fee. For each additional 100 assigned lessons, the annual fee will be increased by $25, but your total annual fee (including base fee and usage fee) will never exceed $300.

If you are part of a company that is handling the scheduling and accounting for several instructors, there is an option for a "console package". With the console package, you will receive an individual scheduler for each instructor within your company, and an additional console piece that ties those schedulers together. One of the benefits of a console is that you can define all of your settings (your lesson types, your fees, your invoices, your locations, etc) in one place, and those settings will apply to all of your instructors. Another benefit is that the students for all of the instructors can be accessed in one place. The accounting for all of those students will also be streamlined and can be accessed in one place. The pricing of the console will depend on the number of schedulers that it ties together. The charges for each console scheduler accrue the same way that the charges for an individual scheduler accrue, as described in the paragraph above.

Please feel free to contact WebAccomplice using the form on our main page if you have any questions about pricing or about the scheduler itself.