Hear from Instructors Using the Scheduler
Below you will find a few excerpts from emails and an open letter, all of which came from instructors who are currently using the WebAccomplice Scheduler. Take a moment to see what instructors are saying!
"I have time for my family and my sanity back thanks to the scheduler! I've been using it since 2015 and I hope to never go back to any other system! My invoicing and scheduling have become a beautifully well oiled machine and as a result I have more signups! Rather than managing my own wait list all year, I have a schedule that begins to fill up months ahead of time (the day I post openings for lessons it seems!) I am making more money, reaching more kids, and saving myself a lot of time and work! It's like having and assistant! I'm so thankful! If you're on the fence: DO IT!"

-Jennifer Myer, January, 2018
"...I would not have been able to skill all the kiddos I have had the privilege of instructing this year if it was not for your program!!!! I doubled my business from last year and I was orderly!!! Even had parents tell me how organized I was..."

-Teresa Rising, November, 2017
"I love my scheduler - it makes life so much easier!"

-Anneliza van der Schyff, January, 2016
"Love your product and your customer service!"

-Pamela McPherson, January, 2016
"This is my first year using the scheduler and I love how much it has simplified my life."

-Kristin Proctor, January, 2016
"This was my first year teaching and I could never have coped over the summer without 'The Scheduler' - it literally saved me when my lessons got very busy. It is very efficient, allows parents to choose the time slot they want, and tracks all payments etc...., which literally saves you hours of admin. a week! Plus the print out of the weekly schedule has all the student information you need on it! I love the scheduler and would highly recommend all ISR instructors use it - it is immensely helpful and will help you run your business smoothly. Plus if you ever need help with anything regarding 'The Scheduler', Stephanie is so helpful!"

-Vanessa Buckley, October, 2014

"I have been teaching Infant Swimming Lessons for 15 years. In 2008 Stephanie Catanzarite added her "scheduler" to my existing website. It literally changed my work life. Like most instructors my gift is in teaching not scheduling, organization & paperwork are not my strong suite. The scheduler is very well thought out and Stephanie was able to make adjustments to accommodate my personal preferences.

The parent can sign their child up online, pick their desired class date & time, receive any paperwork needed to sign prior to class and pay any fees due for lessons. The scheduler keeps track of all clients personal information giving me the ability to send mail-outs through postal service or e-mail. It keeps all days information whether the student swam or if lessons cancelled, was it "no fee charged" if I cancelled or "charged" due to child not attending. It keeps payments, credits and end of year balances for tax purposes. There are many more options but all I can say is Stephanie has been a dream to work with, very reliable and precise in all she does. The scheduler has made my work load so much easier, giving me more time in the water."
-Page Holt, September, 2014

"While sitting on my living room floor in 2004 surrounded by refresher and new student enrollment forms, my head was spinning. I didn't know how I was going to organize all of the lesson times and know how much time each student would need.

Just then my phone rang and it was Stephanie. I explained that I did not know when I could see her girls for their refresher lessons as I was trying to figure out my upcoming schedule. Stephanie asked if she could design a website for me with an online scheduler.

Of course I said YES!

After she completed my website and scheduler, I was very apprehensive about clicking the button that allowed parents to sign up for their lesson time and tentative start date online. Once I did, I was so relieved. It took a little re-training to get my swim parents to stop emailing/calling me to schedule their lessons, but once they did they found it much more convenient. The scheduler serves many functions. First of all, you can turn it on or off. Either the parents sign up online or they see a screen that tells them to contact the instructor directly. The parents understand the start date they choose is tentative and dependent upon the student before them finishing lessons. The instructor determines the number of weeks each lesson type is automatically signed up for. New students for 7 weeks, refreshers for 3 weeks, (this allows for make up days) and maintenance lessons are individually reserved. Before completing the sign up process, they must agree to my Release of Liability and fill out a form with all of their contact information which is then included on my printed schedule each week. There is a feature for MI's to block off certain lesson times/dates for a training.

The Invoicing and PayPal option is amazing. No more multiple trips to the bank! Each payment is automatically applied to that specific student. It also tracks attendance including absences and cancellations. There are so many other fantastic features about this scheduler. Too many to mention here. Stephanie has done an amazing job meeting the needs of the many instructors who now use the scheduler. Feel free to visit my website to see how easy it is for swim parents to use. Find my scheduler under the "How do I sign up" tab at: www.ISRmom.com."
-Trisha Gabriel, September, 2014
"Thanks again for everything and all of the updates on the scheduler. It is working out wonderfully and was the best decision I ever made for organizing my business."
-Michelle Auth, February, 2014
"I'm excited about all the features and just over the moon I've found a program to help give me back my life in swim season. When I started working, I wanted a part time job, so I can still be a mother to my 3 boys. This scheduler is going to give me so much more time with my family and I cannot thank you enough for that.

I'm starting my day tomorrow with ALL my tuition already paid, information on students updated AND a schedule printed and ready to go- that I didn't have to cut, paste and make in Excel...what could be better than that!!"
-Gina Torjak, February, 2013