SINK or Swim with Trish Packages
This is best for students over 3 years old with some swim skills or students looking for stroke lessons. The student will learn proper breath control, how to roll to their back and float and swim! Lessons are $45 for a 30 minute lesson. They will work with Clint at some point of the program. If the student is fearful of the water this is not the lesson you need. You will need SINK or Swim Bait lessons with Susan or Clint. 
Standard fee is $30 - $45.

SINKorSwim Adult Packages
These lessons are for any students 13 years and up with little to zero swimming skills. Expect 4-12 lessons. This lesson plan the student will learn proper breath control, how to float and for most students to swim with strokes with confidence and able to perform all survival skills needed. These lessons will be 1 on 1 or 2 students to 1 instructor for a 30 minute lesson. 
Standard fee is $27 - $40.