ISR Water Self Rescue

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ISR Session (4 weeks)
Refresher (2 weeks)

Maintenance (scheduled by Instructor)
Make-ups (scheduled by Instructor)

In-Home Private Session (4 or 2 weeks)
In-Home HOST Pool (4 or 2 weeks)

ISR Session (4 weeks)
This is a 4 week session.  The scheduler shows the time slots available for the specific "Start Date"   

ISR Refreshers
This is a 2 week session. The scheduler shows the time slots available for that specific "Start Date".
(only "Start Dates" show as available for the 2 week session)

ISR PRVT Session (4 wks)
ISR Private In-Home Sessions must be scheduled by 
appointment with the instructor
text (443) 223-8513

**Please note pricing for ISR Private In-Home Sessions will incur additional charges and will be determined by location.